3 Reasons to Swap Your Normal Cattle Feed for a Probiotic-Enriched Feed


It doesn't matter if your cattle are a large part of your livelihood or if you only own a few cattle for personal reasons: you want to keep your animals as healthy as possible. One way to do so is to offer your cattle a high quality feed that also contains probiotics. Here are just a few of the reasons that you should contemplate swapping your cow's old feed for a product that contains probiotics.

12 March 2018

Transitioning From Conventional To Organic Farming? Here's How To Begin


According to the Organic Trade Association, organic sales have been steadily increasing over the past decade. In 2015, organic product sales grew 11%, which was almost four times the growth of food products sales overall. Organic sales are expected to continually increase due to consumer demands. Because of this, some conventional farmers are transitioning to organic farming. If you are a farmer who is considering making this transition, you are likely concerned about how doing so could impact you financially during the transition and what you need to do to begin transitioning from conventional to organic farming.

12 September 2017

Do You Have An Efficient Well Digging Plan?


Getting water to nearby crops, into the water containers for livestock, or just generally available can be difficult without an effective well, but is it worth all of the work? Water has to be delivered somehow, but unless you're going for some sort of historical purity--ignoring that farmers historically sought better ways to farm--there are a lot of better options than the standard shovel and rod method. Here are a few well digging options and supporting technology that can help you understand the physical work and/or financial investment involved.

14 August 2017

How Farmers Can Reduce Or Eliminate The Need For Pesticides


We have to face the reality that bugs can wreak havoc on agricultural production. Keeping pests from devouring the crops before they can be harvested is a challenge for farmers all over the world. Sometimes to preserve the crop it is necessary to use chemical methods to rid the fields of pests. However, there are some preventive steps to keep unwanted insects from destroying crops. Each of these methods focuses on disrupting the life cycle of the pest.

12 May 2017

Why You Should Use St. Augustine Grass Seed to Add Beautiful Challenges to Your Seaside Golf Course


Every winter, many golfers in the Northern United States head south in search of beautiful, challenging golf courses that aren't covered in snow. For seaside golf courses in the Southern United States, St. Augustine grass can add both of the things northern golfers are look for to a course. If you manage a coastal golf resort on the Gulf of Mexico, planting St. Augustine grass seed in your course's roughs may add both challenge and beauty to your holes.

8 January 2016