Do You Have An Efficient Well Digging Plan?


Getting water to nearby crops, into the water containers for livestock, or just generally available can be difficult without an effective well, but is it worth all of the work? Water has to be delivered somehow, but unless you're going for some sort of historical purity--ignoring that farmers historically sought better ways to farm--there are a lot of better options than the standard shovel and rod method. Here are a few well digging options and supporting technology that can help you understand the physical work and/or financial investment involved.

Wash Out Well

Instead of using a shovel and a lot of dirt movement, the washout well is designed to add a bit of mechanical advantage and loosening moisture to the traditional well digging operation.

The wash out well works by boring into the dirt with a pointed tip or bit while spraying water near the bottom of the hole. The bit is attached to the pipe that will be used for the permanent well, and delivers water that knocks away soil from the digging area. The added moisture assisting in the digging process, and dirt doesn't have to be removed until later in the process.

There is still a bit of manual digging necessary, as there needs to be some physical force behind the drilling. You'll also need water from an external source, and depending on how deep your local water table is, that could be nearly a hundred gallons. Thankfully, the water used will eventually soak more than it evaporates and won't be a complete waste except for in the hottest, most dry conditions on Earth.

Once the bit reaches extractable water, you simply add a pump head to the top of the pipe. This can either be a traditional hand pump or a motorized pump, with the motorized options running on electricity, liquid fuel, or solar power depending on the model and accessories.

Modern Water Well Services

If you don't want to do it yourself, a professional water well service team can handle the well digging for you. Dedicate machines can bore through the soil and sediment a lot faster with more accuracy, and can give you different well hole sizes.

Professional machinery comes at a cost and can be loaned if you don't need a crew, but the convenience can save a lot of time while allowing for better quality control. With faster well digging services, you can focus on additional well options such as walling the insides of the well, getting surveys for the well water capacity, and setting up irrigation systems.

Contact a water well service professional, such as from Advanced Water Well Technologies, to discuss other options for a well with less effort investment on your part.


14 August 2017

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